Dangerous Alligator Costume for Kids


People will be running for their lives when they see him in this exclusive Dangerous Alligator Costume! See ya later gator!

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Sagas from the SwampFlorida is known for a lot of things. White sand beaches. Retirees living out their golden years in the luxury of endless summer. And all those countless incidents with alligators. They’ve really made a name for themselves in the swampier areas of the sunshine state. News from these regions is always full of weird stories. There’s the story about the mom who showed up to pick her kid up from middle school and ended up wrassling an alligator out of the school’s front yard before the last bell rang. Then there’s the man who’s been best friends with an alligator for fifty years, feeding his pet pizza while they discuss their opinions on anchovies on pizza. Ally your kiddo with these snappy reptiles with this super soft alligator suit. We wouldn’t suggest getting friendly with any gators but pretending to be these sneaky creatures is sure to live up to Floridian legend!Design & DetailsWe upgraded gator looks with this Made By Us jumpsuit! The verdant material has an intricate scale pattern that’ll stick out among standard alligator patterns. Mitts cover the hands so they have large claws matching the felt claws on the shoe covers. Spikes fall down the back all the way down to a long stuffed tail. The costume is topped off with a sculpted headpiece with alert yellow eyes and a sharp wide mouth that frames your child’s face. From the Depths to your DoorGetting this costume might be the only time you’re happy to find an alligator waiting at your door. Want to help your little one transform completely? Paint his face a verdant hue so he can fully transform into a swampy, carnivorous nature. Hmm, maybe now you’ll finally be able to convince him to try seafood. Here’s to dining on sushi on Halloween night!

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