PJ Masks Cat Car Adaptive Wheelchair Cover


Do not let your child feel left out this Halloween and let them dress up with this PJ Masks Cat Car Adaptive Wheelchair Cover. This amazing wheelchair cover will make them ride in style while trick or treating.

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To the Cat Car! Uh oh, Romeo is up to his old tricks again! That mad scientist has come up with another crazy invention that he thinks will help him take over the world. Now, you can turn into a superhero cat with your magic amulet, but even when you’re running at full cat speed, you won’t get to the other side of the city in time to stop him. You’ll need another way to zip across town, and fortunately, you thought ahead! Romeo doesn’t stand a chance. Product DetailsRace to save the day in this cool, officially licensed Adaptive PJ Masks Cat Car Wheelchair Cover! This chair accessory is designed to look just like Catboy’s car of choice from the cartoon. The set contains two felt cover pieces that are each printed with graphics of Catboy’s blue PJ Masks car. The covers have sleeves to hold the included suppord rods that give them a flat shape. Use the hook and loop fasteners to attach them to any standard manual wheelchair. Keeping the World Safe for Trick or TreatingWhile others sleep, you’re busy saving the world! Gather Owlette and Gecko to cruise the neighborhood, always watching out for bad guys. The best time to patrol is on Halloween: You can secure the area from the likes of Luna Girl, Night Ninja, and Pirate Robot while collecting plenty of treats. The neighbors won’t know that your costumes are your real super suits, so your true identity will stay hidden! 

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