Wonder Woman Suit Up Over The Knee Socks


Show your support for America and Wonder Woman with these red, white, and blue Wonder Woman Suit Up Over The Knee Socks.

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Answer the CallThe Justice League has been summoned! The world is once more in danger! But wait – you just finished saving the world! You took off your breastplate, polished your wristbands, hung up your Lasso of Truth, and flopped onto the couch with a bowl of popcorn. You really don’t feel like getting out of your ratty old sweatpants and strapping back into your suit. Let’s face it. Your suit is cool…but kind of uncomfortable! What if there was another way? What if you could go be your best villain butt-kicking self, yet be as comfy as you want?Product DetailsBehold the answer to your superhero comfort needs! These officially licensed Suit up over the Knee Wonder Woman Socks made of soft polyester and spandex. They are printed with American flag graphics and the Wonder Woman logo. Wear them under pants or skirts, with loungewear or super-suit – whatever you choose, you’ll save the world and look crazy good doing it!

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