Men’s Dark Pharaoh Costume


Rule over the desert lands of Egypt in this exclusive Men’s Dark Egyptian Pharaoh Costume. It features a pharaoh tunic with black and gold colors with a matching pharaoh headpiece.

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All Power. No De-Nile.Is your house trimmed in gold and marble? Are you a huge fan of beards both faux and real deal? Have you always felt a deep connection to the sky god Horus? If you answered yes to all these questions then you’re probably a Pharoah. Which is interesting. We didn’t think that you’d get strong wifi down in the hidden tombs of Egypt. But here you are, scrolling through new duds on our site. We’re honored. We have so many questions. Please email us. Please don’t curse us. Whether you’re a Pharoah browsing the internet from the comfort of your sarcophagus (how’d you get power routed to your secret tomb) or you’re a man that wants to become a pharaoh, you’re sure to dig this head-turning black and gold Pharaoh Costume! Design & DetailsBecoming a powerful king has never looked so cool. Our designers put their heads together to create this Made By Us Dark Pharaoh Costume. Inspired by both Egyptian wear and the sarcophaguses this unique look features a long tunic with a paneled belt, a dramatic headpiece, and golden arm gauntlets. The gold armbands secure with hook and loop fasteners on the back. The headpiece hangs loosely around the shoulders, letting your neck breathe while you wear it. Shiny golden accents are flaunted throughout the look, letting you get in touch with your royal side with ease!Parting the CrowdsAre you ready for folks to serve up some serious respect? Pharaohs not only ruled during life, but they also held some sway after they entered the tomb as well (thus the pyramids). That’s why you can be sure this costume will give you a powerful look that will last. So put this look on with confidence. Throw on some eyeliner. Get ahold of an Egyptian staff. And prepare yourself. People might just want to paint your profile for posterity. 

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