Women’s Harley Shoes


This pair of Women’s Harley Shoes features one red and one black shoe so that you can complete your costume perfectly!

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When you’re living a crime-filled life, it’s very important that you wear shoes that support your lifestyle. After all, you’re always running from the cops and beating people up because you’re Harley Quinn…seriously what else are you suppose to do? In order to support your wild, crime-filled life you need a trusty pair of shoes. You know, something comfortable to wear while you’re doing gymnastics, toting around a heavy mallet, or swinging a baseball bat at your enemy’s head.These Harley shoes are both comfortable, reliable, and work perfectly with a half black, half red costume. These slip-on ankle booties have cuffs that turn down and a durable rubber sole. They work perfectly with Harley Quinn costume jumpsuits because they coordinate well with your red, black, and white look. You’ll love swinging your graffitied baseball bat around while wearing these unique Harley Shoes!

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