Women’s Plus Size Little Red Costume


Oh Big Bad Wolf, where are you? This Women’s Plus Size Little Red Costume has a look that makes everyone understand why that wolf can’t leave you alone. Available in sizes 1X/2X, 3X/4X, 5X and 6X.

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Next time you’re taking a walk through a dark forest, we suggest trying a different method for keeping those big bad wolves at bay. Rather than sneaking around and keeping your eyes open for danger the entire way, just slip into this sassy Plus Size Little Red Costume, and those wicked wolves will be too stunned to make their move!Before you start thinking that dressing in this provocative red ensemble can ward off any hungry woodland beasts, you should know that it’s only been tested out on one particularly crafty type of wolf. It might have the same dazzling effect on bears and mountain lions, but big bad wolves are the only forest beasts that will definitely be stopped in their tracks by this satiny, bold red number. We’re pretty sure that if you were to wear it to a Halloween party, this sexy costume would have a similar effect on all of the other party goers (especially the guys), but you’ll just have to try it for yourself to find out!As you’ve probably noticed by now, this look puts a sensual twist on Red Riding Hood’s classic outfit, while keeping the cheery colorfulness of her original storybook style. The smooth black and red satin skirt and corset style bodice look stunning with the matching red, floor length hooded cloak. Simply add a pair of your favorite saucy tights and heels or boots, and a basket of goodies to carry with you, and you’ll be all set for a lovely stroll through the woods!

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