White Bone Earrings Accessory


Become a reckless caveman warrior who shows no mercy. Wear these White Bone Earrings to show that you mean business!

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Back in prehistoric times, jewelry was never seen as a necessity (heck, it wasn’t seen it all since it hadn’t been invented). There wasn’t any materials or means to create accessories that accentuate your look when going out of the cave for a night of hunting for food and gathering supplies. However, we’re in the present day and you’re dressing for Halloween and looking for the perfect accessory to add to your cavewoman (or caveman) costume. If that’s the case, then you should look no further than these stylish bone earrings. Just because the character you’re dressing as may not have evolved enough to appreciate them doesn’t mean you can’t class up their look. These plastic clip-on earrings feature small bones dangling from gold studs. With a pair of white bone earrings like these, you’ll have a caveperson costume so sexy, you’ll light up the room brighter than the invention of fire!

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