Crinkle Witch Adult Hat


Your witch costume would not be complete without topping it off with this one of a kind Adult Crinkle Witch Hat. This hat is black in color and has a crinkled design on it.

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Witches Don’t Wrinkle, They CrinkleSo, you want to let your witchy side out this Halloween, but you don’t want to blend in with all the other witches flying around on the spookiest day of the year. You need something that will help you stand out. Sure, you could blow a bunch of money on the latest in broom technology. However, we have a more affordable and reasonable option. Check out this Adult Crinkle Witch Hat. It’s not your typical witch accessory. It’s much more stylish. With a hat like this, you’ll surely stand out from the sea of sorceresses. This unique accessory will be the magical cherry that tops off your Halloween habiliments!  Product DetailsThis witch’s hat is made of felt and has a stiffened brim. The edge of the brim is made with wire that will allow you to shape it however you desire. The crown of the hat has multiple tucks sewn into it for a strange yet stylish crinkled design. With this accessory being fashioned so that one size will fit most, just about anyone can sporty this witchy hat. Take a look at the rest of our oddly enchanting accessories. You’ll be the most magical witch this Halloween without a doubt.  

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