Midnight Moon Ombre Wig


Dress up your witch costumes with our Midnight Moon Ombre Wig. Featuring two shades of gray in an ombre color, with lots of mystical curls and length, to really set your costume apart from the rest!

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Mooning AboutThe full moon affects people differently. Some people close their curtains tight as if they’re trying to keep out those tricky full moonbeams. Others find themselves wandering out into the yard in the middle of the night, face to the sky as if they’re trying to warm up in that blue light. But when it comes to the witchy among us, those effects are like gold! When the full moon is out it is time to gather ingredients, stir up elixirs, or meet with your coven to stir up some wild energy. You can be sure that nights lit by the full moon never goes to waste in magical communities. No wonder that powerful witches end up with hair bleached by moonlight as you see on this wig!Design & DetailsOur in-house designers put their mysterious minds to work when designing this Made By Us wig. Luxuriously long, this wig is a full-moon white at the top and charcoal grey at the bottom. Loose curls create a lush, natural look that’s perfect for a witchy costume!Making MagicWhen you’re creating a witch costume, the magic is in the details. This wig will be a great place to start. Slip this fabulous wig on your head and just wait as you start to feel just a little more magical!

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