Clear Princess Shoes for Women


Looking for your Prince Charming? Add these Clear Princess Shoes for Women as the final touch to your princess inspired costume and you may just find him at the next ball!

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Slipper SolutionsOutside of their elegance, we’re still not sure what Cinderella’s fairy godmother was thinking putting her in a pair of glass slippers. We won’t make any suggestions about what could have gone wrong, but we assure you it’s the stuff of nightmares. Of course, that outfit Cinderella danced in all night was the stuff of dreams. So, we’re completely torn about it all, and we sure you are too, especially if you’re planning a princess costume of your own. The good news is, we have the alternative to those fancy glass slippers!Product DetailsMake your princess costume dazzle with these Women’s Clear Princess Shoes! With all the radiant beauty of Cinderella’s dancing shoes and none of the danger, these clear vinyl heels are the perfect addition to any fairytale-worthy look! Silver trim around the opening and a delicate silver butterfly add a touch of shimmer to the already eye-catching heels. And whether you pair these dreamy slippers with a party dress for your Halloween gathering or a full ball gown, you’re sure to feel like royalty!Happy EndingStep out of your comfort zone and into a pair of these unique women’s princess shoes! Translucent and decorated with silver butterflies, these beauties are the happy ending to your Halloween costume hunt!

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