Women’s Nurse Poncho


You’ll be sure to look amazing in this Women’s Nurse Poncho. This costume is sure to be a quick and easy idea that will look great this year on Halloween.

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Suture SelfNursing is hard. You have to check on patients all day, while keeping track of their charts, medications, and special needs. You have to work with arrogant, overworked doctors and surgeons, all the while maintaining that sense of humor and wit that gets you through the day. Then there is the hospital cafeteria food for lunch everyday… ugh, intolerable.So, yeah, nursing is already one of the hardest things to do, even without the unfortunate addition of foul weather. Rain just makes everything worse! It is so hard to dry off again once you get soaked through in most nurse uniforms, and going through ten pairs of scrubs a day won’t make you any friends with the management!Lucky for you, we have invented the perfect nurse uniform to counteract that nasty precipitation: this Woman’s Nurse Poncho.Give It Your Best ShotEven though we wouldn’t recommend that you wear this to your real job at a hospital, we do think that you’ll love it nonetheless. The sleek fabric hangs gently from your tired shoulders, so you don’t feel overburdened even if you wear it all night long! The white cross in the red circle emblem marks you out as a medical professional, and the decorative buttons down the front make you seem ever so classy, too.Stay PositiveSo, whether you need to add this to your regular uniform, or just want to wear it for one night, this Women’s Nurse Poncho is the comfy, cool way to dress for success. Now you just need to convince them to let you wear pajamas and you’ll be all set to work in comfort!

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