Plus Size Men’s Cop Costume


Show everyone who is boss with this Plus Size Men’s Cop Costume. Available in 2X and 3X.. Patrol the streets this year with this classic cop costume.

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Good-Cop-Good-CopWho was it that made up the good cop, bad cop trope? We have to say… we’re not really a fan of the bad cop. They’re always mean and they take things too far. We think we could use a ton more good cops hanging out in the world! After all, the good cop is the one who does all of the really cool things on the force!When a cat is stuck in a tree who do you think is going to coax it down? The good cop, that’s who. Getting the local kitty down from the tree is what we call serving and protecting!Product DetailsThis costume set is styled as a shirt and pants uniform set, along with belt, tie, hat, and badge to complete the ensemble. Lightweight woven 100% polyester costume pieces come in a rich navy blue. The hat comes with a silver “Special Police” badge attached, and a matching badge secures to your chest to proudly display your position. A realistic embroidered badge is attached to the right arm, and you can complete the style with the necktie and vinyl belt.Serve and ProtectA pair of aviators might make your look more authentic, but you won’t need them to become the good cop. All you need to do is get out to the party and be excellent to your fellow citizens. Help them out if they need it, give them good advice, and whatever you do, if there’s a cat in the tree, go get some cream and coax it down from the branch! That’s how you be a good fake cop. Speaking of fake, don’t forget that you’re just that. Don’t go confusing the unsuspecting! Party responsibly as any good cop will tell ya.

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