Plus Size Scream Costume


Become the ghoulish character from the Scream franchise when you wear this Plus Size Scream Costume.

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Well you can’t go to a Halloween party without a costume.It’s like heresy or something. No one will say anything, but you know everyone will be watching you, silently judging your laziness of not at least attempting to come to a Halloween party in outfit. Where’s the fun in that?So if you want to impress, you need a costume. And, if it’s spooky or scary, all the better. People love scary costumes this time of year; tis the season after all. Of course, you could wear a simple scary costume, or you could do a scary relevant costume. You know, A costume that is cooler because it’s referencing a certain character that others may understand. A leather hat, coat, and whip becomes Indiana Jones. Wear a filthy tank, pants, and no shoes and you’re suddenly John McClane. Wear a long black cloak and this white mask? And suddenly you’re a killer from Scream.Which, if we’re being honest, it is totally the perfect outfit for a Halloween party. Simple. Spooky. Iconic. This Plus Sized Scream Costume includes a long back robe with jagged edges and a foam lined hood. It also has a belt and the white Scream mask. This outfit is easy to pull off and everyone will love it. Besides, you could go with a group of friends and pass off the mask to really freak everyone out. And then ask them if they like scary movies. Trust us. Everyone will love it.

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