Toddler Pint Size Pilot Costume


Fly us to safety with the Toddler Pint Size Pilot Costume. Who knows where your little one will fly to when they’re wearing this costume?

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Flight PatternTraveling in real life is great. But here’s the thing, boarding a plane to Jamaica might be a good time but your child can travel in their imagination without any frequent flyer miles or passport. Who knew every kid had their own private pilot tucked away in their imagination? We spent the last week observing Sally, the four-year-old daughter of our office’s accountant, Steve. She not only used a cardboard box to travel to her grandma and grandpa’s house in Illinois, she even traveled to places we didn’t know exist. She made a stop in Zoo-zooton where animals could talk and loved to have tea parties. There were also layovers in Volcanodia ( that seemed dangerous, she made everyone crouch on their office chairs), Snackysnackland, and (forgive the crude nature, we’re simply quoting a four-year-old here) Stinky Pit Land. It’s safe to say that this kid knows what’s up when it comes to world-wide travel! Product DetailsIn navy blue and gold, your child will look ready for the open skies when they’re wearing this costume. The jacket has piping along the sleeves, double-breasted buttons on the front that secure the front. The look is finished off with blue trousers, a gold-trimmed hat, and wing-trimmed eagle head Hook and Loop fastener “pins”. Provide your own white shirt and tie to complete this official-looking pilot costume. Go the DistanceDoes your kid always have their eyes on the skies? Are they always dreaming about far-flung places? Trick-or-treating, as well as playtime, will make their imaginative play even more real than before when they slip into this costume. Perfect for making your child feel more courageous before their first flight, you can pretend to let your child fly you all over the world. Who knew your child’s imaginary private pilot could make going out on vacation a daily possibility!

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