Kid’s Police Costume


Your child can uphold the law this Halloween in this Police Costume for Kids! This 100% polyester costume comes with handcuffs so that they can keep criminals in line.

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The Rule FollowerYour kid has always been a rule follower. Even as a teeny tiny infant, you would cradle them and whisper in their ear, “Now you drift off to dreamland and sleep peacefully through the night,” and they would do it. Every single night.Any kid’s life is full of mandates: Do your homework right after school. Check! Watch your little brother on the swings. Check! Look both ways before crossing the street. Check! Share your Halloween costume with your parents. Check! Every task you’ve handed your little one, they’ve performed with flying colors; every piece of guidance you’ve gifted then, they have followed. Besides giving yourself a parenting medal (which you’ve obviously earned), you may want to pick up this Kids Police Costume for your little one. They can become one of your city’s bravest icons in this realistic cop costume, and she’ll love getting to pass on her passion for following all of the rules!Product DetailsThis pants and shirt combo comes with all the bells and whistles you’d expect, including a patch that says “Police” emblazoned on the front. The badge and plastic handcuffs are included, but your child may want to add realistic accessories such as aviator sunglasses, a police whistle, or a baton to get herself fully prepared to walk her beat. Just make sure your kid knows it’s not against the rules to get a little muddy in this costume–playing police can be a dirty business!

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