Antique Gold/Black Circlet Adjustable


Become a princess with the Adjustable Antique Gold/Black Circlet. Featuring a gold circlet with a black gem in the middle. One size fits all since it adjusts.

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Long Live the QueenRain lashes at the castle’s diamond windowpanes. The wind howls to be let in, rattling at the doors and shutters. It’s long past midnight, but there are still lights flickering behind the glass. The queen, sick with fever, has just given her last, rattling breath. The young princess still holds her hand, eyes glassy with shock and grief. The steward hesitates, then touches her shoulder. With a shake of her head, the princess rallies, rises, and kisses her mother’s still sweaty forehead, now cold in death. She knows they must all hurry down to the throne room, for the coronation must take place before dawn. Will she be a good queen, she wonders? Live out your own story in this Adjustable Antique Gold/Black Circlet!Product DetailsThis simple but elegant circlet is made of gold-tone metal and has a black gem in one of the center teardrops. You can wear this crown gem down or gem up, depending on your preference. The headpiece also features an adjustable clasp detail at the back, so no matter how you’ve styled your hair, this circlet will rest perfectly on your brow. Huzzah to the monarch! Long may she reign! 

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