Women’s Hip Snow White Costume


This exclusive Women’s Hip Snow White Costume lets you have the hipster vibe! We also have this costume available in girls sizes!

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AVOCADOS ARE THE NEW APPLEWanna know how to avoid being murdered by your evil sorcerous step-mother?  Well, first step:  chuck the apple.  They’re so yesterday, anyway.  Everyone knows that the real hip crowd stray from that whole “apple a day” idea, anyway.  It’s all about the greens, now.  Give us some zucchini, kale, and of course the beloved avocado.  Slice out the pit, pour in a latte, and then you’ve got a great coffee drink before a healthy snack! Who knows?  Maybe with a new updated look, the Evil Queen will stick to her own business and stare in her magic mirror all day just trying to keep up with the hot new trends that you and your hip-high hipster buddies in the forest are inventing.  Enchanted Wood?  Ha!  How about Little Red’s Cafe?  It has wicker basket stools and faux wolf fur decor.  (Not even big bad wolves deserve to be turned into furniture, after all.)  The Evil Queen can’t even get a seat.DESIGN & DETAILSShow all the storybook characters that this Snow White isn’t stuck in the middle ages with this exclusive Hip Snow White Costume.  Our in-house designers want to help you be on the front line of new trends with this stretchy blue shirt with puffed up sleeves in Snow White’s iconic color scheme but with modern features.  Yellow suspenders hold up your high waist skirt and your off-center red bow is on a headband instead of some old-style ribbon.  Accent with some high-top sneakers and unique frames and all you’ll need next will be seven diminutive buddies to share some ramen with!GLASS COFFINS ARE OVERThe Evil Queen is likely to stick to herself when you’re out and about in this Hipster Snow White look.  But, then again, she’s always been pretty jealous of your style.  If she does manage to enchant an avocado, we recommend a short nap in a roll-up mattress, instead.  Way less work than the whole glass coffin display!

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