Alice in Wonderland Alice Costume for Infants


Have your little one looking absolutely adorable when she wears this Alice in Wonderland Infant Alice Costume. This Alice in Wonderland Infant Alice Costume will have your little one ready for any tea party.

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Down the Rabbit HoleChoosing your babe’s first Halloween costume can feel like a really big decision. There are just so many avenues you can go down! You can go classic—pumpkin, witch, black cat—or kitschy. You can go full-on with face paint or keep it simple with a onesie. But you know, a baby’s first Halloween costume is really for you. They are too little to have much of an opinion, and they won’t remember your choice. That’s why we thing this Infant Alice in Wonderland Costume is the cutest, most perfect pick for your new family member! After all, ever since your tot arrived, you’ve basically felt like you fell down a rabbit hole, right? Things have been mystical and mysterious, and you’re on a new adventure, led by your own little Alice. She’s a magical one, alright, and now you have the costume to prove it!Product DetailsThis licensed look is a cute-as-can-be rendition of Alice’s signature look. The little blue satiny dress has built-in accessories—like a petticoat and pinafore—so it’s easy to wear. The dress closes with a hook and loop fastener at the back, and features printed card symbols along the hemline. The look is completed with a cute bow-topped headband.Journey OnCongrats on finding the perfect baby’s costume, and on having the perfect baby to fill it! Remember, this parenthood thing is all a pretty wild ride—a bit like journeying through an unknown world—but luckily you have the cutest ever guide by your side. 

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