Deluxe Women’s Mad Hatter Costume


This Deluxe Women’s Mad Hatter Costume gets you ready for one crazy tea party! It’s inspired off the classic Alice in Wonderland tale.

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Have you ever been to a tea party that seemed a little bit… off? Like, the other guests were acting weird, the tea tasted funny, and the host’s cat just wouldn’t stop telling you riddles? Those are awkward situations, but if you show up in our Deluxe Women’s Mad Hatter Costume, you’ll fit right in at any crazy tea party!Strange parties are to be expected when you’re hanging out in Wonderland. With wild characters like the Dormouse, the March Hare, and the infamous Hatter throwing these get-togethers, you just know they won’t be sitting around and nibbling mini sandwiches while quietly discussing current events. At a Wonderland party, there will be spirited conversations about nonsense and tomfoolery, everyone will suddenly change their seat at a moment’s notice, and the tea will possibly make you get bigger or smaller in size, or at the very least be mind-expandingly delicious! These parties sound like a blast, but are definitely not for the timid.Luckily, you can always look like you’re ready for a wild time simply by wearing this exclusive costume to your party! We’ve designed this elegantly quirky jacket to be the perfect party look, with lacy cuffs and a sewn-in collared shirt. We’ve also included a floppy bow tie and fingerless gloves with a matching floral pattern printed on them, and a soft black top hat to complete this dashingly psychedelic style. Show up with all of your friends in a Wonderland themed group costume to make it an eccentric sight to behold!

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