Kid’s Fox in Socks Costume


Stay warm and stylish for this Halloween! Made by us, this Kid’s Fox in Socks costume comes with the suit gloves and slippers.

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A Terrible Tongue-TwisterWe have a secret… a terrible secret. We never wanted to admit it, but we feel like we can’t hold it in any longer. We’re… terrible with tongue-twisters. We just can’t spit them out correctly. Any time someone asks us about a lady selling seashells at the sea shore, our reply comes out in a muddy mess. If we’re told to regale listeners with tales of a guy named Peter picking peppers, it devolves into gibberish. And don’t even get us started on how frustrating it is to try to tell people about Luke’s duck, who licks lakes… or is it likes lakes? Gah! It’s because of this that we hate a certain crafty fox, who manages to spout tongue-twisters with maddening ease. It’s not fair that he can glibly recite stories about tweedle beetles and puddles and poodles and paddles, and we can’t even say “toy boat” five times fast!Product DetailsBring some zany fun to your next costume party with this Kid’s Fox in Socks Costume. This exclusive, officially licensed costume is made out of 100 percent polyester and looks just like a certain talkative orange fox. The short-pile faux fur jumpsuit has a back zipper for easy wear, along with a stuffed tail sewn to the back and blue mitts with rib-knit wrist cuffs. The hood has a hook-and-loop fastener tab under the chin and features soft-sculpted fox ears on the top. Finally, there are also blue crew-length socks. (You can’t be a fox in socks without, well, socks!)Tongue-TiedWhether or not you can quickly tell people how much wood a woodchuck can chuck, you’ll have no trouble making an impressive impression in this costume! If you want to brush up on your tongue twisters to show off even more, we won’t stop you! (But we’ll be really, really jealous… just saying!)

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