Green Alien Hands for Adults


Don’t leave your spaceship without these Green Alien Hands for Adults. These Green Alien Hands for Adults will be an out of this world finishing touch for your alien inspired costume and help you drive your spaceship comfortably around the galaxy!

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No Probe-lem, Man!So you’ve decided to make your super-secret alien identity public? How exciting! The next few days are going to be crazy. You’re going to have a lot of questions to answer and hurdles to overcome. For one, everyone is going to expect that you’re going abduct them, probe them, and leave weird tracking chips in their skin. If that’s not true, you’ll have to prove yourself in one way or another. Secondly, you might want to get some star maps ready because people are going to want to know exactly where you’re from and how you got here. We’re sure you’ve got a plan to let everyone know that you’ve come in peace. As long as folks know they’re safe from probing, your new alien identity is sure to be welcomed with open arms!Product DetailsIf you really want to add a sense of reality to your alien costume, these green alien hands will really bring the illusion to life! The latex gloves are molded with realistic details along the three strangely nubbed fingers. Covering the wrist, these gloves have you covered up to where a long-sleeved uniform would end. Pay attention to the details and your intergalactic look at your next costume party. No one will guess there’s a real human being underneath your eerie hands!

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