Women’s Black Velvet Boots with Heel


Get ready for lots of cackling and casting of spells when you accessorize your witch costume with these Women’s Black Velvet Heeled Boots. A must have costume accessory for any bewitching witch to wear!

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Walk with ConfidenceYou’ve got your black dress, wand, and twisted witches’ hat ready for Halloween. But, you’re stumped by what shoes to wear. You don’t want to step softly into the night with stockinged feet. On the other hand, you don’t want to make dull clomping noises when walking into a room. If you wear the only pair of black boots you own, you’re convinced that’d be your unpleasant fate. Luckily, you’re here, and, as always, we have the option to make your Halloween costume something worth strutting about!Product DescriptionStep up your witching game with this pair of Women’s Black Velvet Boots with Heels! These inky black shoes are the perfect addition to any traditional witch costume but can add a vintage flair to any magical look! The high-rise ankle is laced all the way up with a thick ribbon for an edgy yet delicate style. Meanwhile, a faux leather heel, toe, and buckled strap add a toughness that every proper witch needs. And with the hard sole and heel tip, you won’t be stomping into a room; your approach will carry the intimidating and eerie clip-clip-clip sound you were hoping for.If the Shoe FitsWitch, pirate, stern school principal from a storybook, whatever your Halloween costume is, these Women’s Black Heeled Velvet Boots are sure to fit. Polish your look with these pointy-toed beauties!

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