Men’s Black Pirate Buckle Boots


Your pirate costume would not be complete without these signature Men’s Black Pirate Buckle Boots. These boots are black all over and have a fold over cuff at the top.

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X Marks the SpotsYou’ve been on a ship for more days than you’ve been on land in your life. You’ve made the long, stormy trip across the Atlantic many times, looting American furs, Spanish sugar, and British ships loaded with tea and spices along the way. You’ve dined with fair ladies in Seville, toasting to your crew’s victory with glasses full to the brim with Spanish Amontillado. You’ve sailed into secret harbors to unload both black market products and fugitives from the law. You’ve faced harrowing storms and mysterious creatures from the deep. Many of the infamous tales of ghost ships and phantom lights have sprung from your lips. You don’t even need a map, but if you had one your favorite spots would be marked all over the world!Product DetailsThese faux leather boots look right at home on a brigantine. Pairing well with an assortment of historic costumes, the boots have a wide cuff at the top and a buckle across the instep. A rounded toe and slight heel give them an optimum shape for climbing up the mizzenmast and making a dapper impression on land!Boots for a BuccaneerA pirate who has seen so much, like yourself, needs a good pair of boots. Boots that can be trusted through the next decade’s squalls and sorties. Get your sea legs in ship shape with this shining pair of boots, perfect for a top-notch buccaneer!

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