Classic Peppa Pig Costume for Kids


Dress your little one in this Child Classic Peppa Pig Costume this Halloween season. This long sleeve dress costume has a pink hood on it with a face resembling Peppa Pig’s.

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A Peppa in Her StepIt’s hard to know what makes childhood phenomenons happen, but there is no denying that Peppa Pig is a true sensation. Quaint, wholesome, sweet, and awesomely British, Peppa Pig has taken the world— and your little one—by storm. And since your kiddo only gets limited screen time, being able to spend all Halloween day and all Halloween night with Peppa in this Kid’s Classic Peppa Pig Costume will be a thrill beyond her wildest imagination!You will love watching her skip into school and prance through the costume parade in this look, and the joy on her face will be priceless. When it comes time to trick or treat, you can also make it a family affair by dressing as Mummy and Daddy Pig, and dressing her little sibling up like little George! Your family can rake in a huge candy haul and come home to cozy up by the fire and watch a Peppa Pig marathon together. Product DetailsSo, how do you turn your kiddo into a pig in a…cute way? By slipping on this foolproof Peppa costume! It comes with Peppa’s red dress, complete with her name patch and a detachable tail, as well as pink leggings that match the long sleeves. A sweet Peppa headpiece completes her *SNORT* transformation! What was that?!Accent AlertNow, in order to truly become Peppa, your child will need to master a British accent. Shouldn’t be too hard, since all her favorite characters already speak that way. Happy Halloween, Pig family!

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