Women’s 60’s Daisy Dress


Travel back to the 60s and channel your flower power with this Women’s 60’s Daisy Dress! This dress is a great costume piece that you can also wear year round!

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Like The Daisies in the FieldThere is something to be said for the wisdom of the flowers in the field. They just sit there all day every day soaking up the energy of the sun and enjoying the peaceful stirring of the wind on their petals. Roses, sunflowers, daisies… It doesn’t matter what kind of beauty you want to be; you can also be peaceful and free. That’s a pretty good lifestyle!On the other hand, you are just stuck out there, with no recourse. The flowers in the field just get soaked when the rains come, they get eaten by herds of deer, and they get trampled by all kinds of careless hikers. Then there’s also the fact that if they want to go see a movie with friends, it is a once in a lifetime thing, followed by about a week in a vase on a table somewhere… huh. Maybe that’s not so good.More Flower Power To YouWell, we here at Halloweencostumes.com have figured out a solution that should work for you. This Women’s 60s Daisy Dress will let you feel like a beautiful flower sitting in the sun, while also allowing you to enjoy all the parts of being a person that you so love. Not to mention you get to look very cute in this classic dress!Dress to ImpressIf you are looking for a cute costume idea that you can wear more than once a year, this 60s daisy dress is the perfect thing for you. It would not be out of place year-round, but with the right accessories, you can bring all the goodness from the 60s to your outfit today.

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