Zombie Hand Decorative Toilet Topper


Even going to the bathroom is a terrifying experience when you add this scary Zombie Hand Toilet Topper Decoration to your bathroom decor during the Halloween season!

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Look, no one’s judging you…cleaning the bathroom is an unpopular job! You’re forced to come into contact with the grossest parts of the human experience, and it’s a never-ending task…we could scrub ours down every single day and still feel like it’s not really clean. We get it! But we also just want to direct your attention to the fact that there seems to be a zombie hand in your toilet. Also – and this is strange, but – your toilet water seems to have turned into a pool of blood. Man, plumbing problems are the worst, right?! Please don’t feel sheepish…we’re sure the city is just having some problems with the sewer system, and it has no reflection on your housekeeping! But, maybe…I don’t know…could you possibly clean it up before we use the bathroom next time? It’s just that this party punch is really great, and we’ve drank so much of it, and the sight of that zombie hand reaching up for us didn’t exactly help…