Rainbow Hands Glasses


Complete your costume or wear these Rainbow Hands Glasses everyday! These glasses have red tinted lenses and are shaped like hands. The rainbow coloring gives it a fun look.

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See the World Through Rainbow GlassesYou’ve heard of jazz hands, best known for giving your dance moves on stage a bit of flair. But have you met rainbow hands yet? They’re a bit like jazz hands…only…in technicolor! In truth, rainbow hands are a rarity in the world, and to pull them off you must possess a delicate balance of pizzazz, panache, pride, and power. Take these Rainbow Hands Glasses, for example. Do you think just any ol’ person can wear them? Nope! Wrong. To successfully pull off this pair you’ve got to be a rock icon, or an artistic legend, or a WWE wrestler on vacation. Our point is that with the right costume, this pair of shades may be the perfect accessory — but you’ll need to cop a bit of attitude and show us some sassy flair, first! That’s it! Now you’ve got it. Now, doesn’t the world look super cool through rainbow-colored glasses?Product DetailsThis pair of party glasses come with lenses in a subtle pink shade, along with rainbow frames that fan out like fingers near the temples. Turn a devil costume daring, rock a night out as a leading frontman, or just wear them long after Halloween for a truly statement-making pair of shades!

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