Kids Dazzling Disco Dude Costume


Your child will rule the dance floor when they are sporting this Kid’s Dazzling Disco Dude Costume. This snazzy jumpsuit costume is a real blast to the past and will have your child discoing all night long.

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Have a Disco BallYou were definitely known as a disco dude in your day. And while you wouldn’t tell your child all the details about those days, you’ve painted a pretty cool picture of their Pops on the dance floor. It should come as no surprise, then, that they want to revive your glorious golden days this Halloween. Can you dig it?Of course, you can! Your little one looks SO COOL in this Kid’s Dazzling Disco Dude Costume. You can’t really blame them for wanting to be just like you. After all, you did make disco dancing sound like the best time of your life. So now that your child has the look, it’s time for you to teach them some of your many moves. So go ahead, open that secret trunk (we know you have one), and dust off your own disco duds. Dangle some gold chains from your neck, perfect your hair, pick out the perfect LP, hang your disco ball in the living room, and polish up your dancin’ shoes. Disco is back, baby! And there’s a new disco dude in town. Time to teach them all you know!Product DetailsWe know that young folks these days like to think they are the first ones to wear jumpsuits, but you know better—a well-worn jumpsuit was a staple of the disco era! This costume is exclusive and features an original silver and black striped, collared jumpsuit so cool, your child will jive with it instantly. Everyone knows a perfect disco look is as much about the attitude as it is the clothes, so teach them to stride into their Halloween party with a daring disco demeanor. You’ll be very proud! 

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