Paisley Disco Hottie Shirt for Women


When you wear this Women’s Paisley Disco Hottie Shirt you will look and feel as groovy as anyone who partied in the 70s! Just be sure you don’t get stuck in the boogie wonderland!

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Do you feel like one sexy mama? Then it’s time to wear this Women’s Paisley Disco Hottie Shirt! The 70’s style shirt works best when you’re out there working dance moves like the Hustle and the Bump, but it still works when you’re doing newer moves like the Nae Nae or the Whip. Whichever dance moves you decide to do, you’re sure to be one hot mama when you go in this throwback look!This wrap style blouse looks great with a pair of white bell bottoms as pictured, but coordinates with a variety of 70s looks as well. (Since the paisley pattern has that delightfully tacky disco look that was all the rage back in the day!) Make sure you complete your look with some retro jewelry and heels. Rock your hair in a funky do, or pick up one of our Afro wigs to complete your retro look. Use this funky blouse as inspiration for your 70s ensemble, and we’re sure everyone will be ready to boogie with you!

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