Women’s The Beat Goes On Disco Costume


You’ll be ready to dance all night in this women’s the beat goes on disco costume. This dress makes a perfect quick and easy idea for a costume this Halloween.

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Do you ever feel like you might have been born in the wrong era? Do you have a feeling that you would have enjoyed rubbing elbows with Andy Warhol and Lizza Minnelli at Studio 54? If you’ve got some foxy moves and a peace and love attitude then you’re ready to bring back the beat in this groovy ensemble. Sure, the go-go phase has been on the outs for a few decades, but there’s no reason it can’t come back, at least for one glorious night. In our world of sad black and gray clothing and music made by robots, it’s time we return to the colorful clothes and heartfelt tunes of the late 60’s. Why we left those days of aviator glasses, white pleather, and wild pattern behind is a mystery. Those happy tunes still touch our hearts and make us want to bust a move, so why deny that groovy soul? Be honest with yourself, you don’t have to commit to driving a VW van, just don this ensemble for an evening. Whether you’re dressing up for a Studio 54 themed party or you’re looking for a throwback Halloween costume, you’ll love this outta sight costume. The A-line dress is perfect for pulling off your grooviest moves and with your future looking so bright you’re going to be glad you’ve got these retro shades. Just get ahold of some platforms and get out your curlers for that perfectly flipped hair look and your groovy ensemble is complete. Peace and love, baby!

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