Violet Fever Gigi Heat Styleable Women’s Wig


Add a stylish pop of purple to your costume or outfit when you get this Violet Fever Gigi Heat Styleable Wig for Women. This Violet Fever Gigi Heat Styleable Wig for Women makes the perfect costume accessory especially if you are wanting to have purple co

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Concerning HairIt doesn’t always seem like a big deal, but hair really can make or break a character. Imagine your favorite protagonist. Was their hair always just a little more polished? Even when a total shamble, did it just look good? Or, maybe they had a vibrant color, completely different even in a world full of blue and pink locks. It may have even been in a completely unnatural shape. And yet, if that shape were altered in any way, it would have been even more insane. And just consider how you feel when you’re having a bad hair day. Gorgeous outfit or not, if your hair isn’t cooperating, it feels like the worst style day ever, every time.So, when you’re planning your Halloween costume, don’t leave anything to chance. Guarantee your hair fits the mood, character, and your tastes by adding this Violet Fever Gigi Heat Styleable Wig to your ensemble!Product DescriptionFrom the Fever Wigs collection, this colorful wig is a dress-up dream! The light violet color works for various characters while being trendy enough to wear for a night out or day on the town! The interior wig cap is fully adjustable to fit most sizes securely, so you shouldn’t have any need to worry about short or extended wear. Best of all, this 26-inch long wig is heat resistant and washable, so you can style it again and again. Keep the long curls for a sweeter look or go edgy with a pin-straight style—either way, with the straight cut fringe and center part, this synthetic hair wig is as customizable and stylish as you could wish!

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