Deluxe Trolls World Tour Poppy Costume


Sing and dance to the music in your Deluxe Trolls World Tour Poppy Costume. Run straight into danger and always stay Super Sparkly Positive and save the day!!!

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Music Brings Us TogetherPrincess Poppy is now Queen Poppy! She’s fresh from her victories and excited about her relationship with her friend-turned-something-more: Branch, the grump with a heart of gold. Cue the happy ending music! Oh wait – that sounds more like the noise of rocker royalty trying to shut down the tunes of funk, country, techno, classical, and your very own pop. That’s not good at all. Fortunately, you have some secret weapons up your sparkly sleeves. While other Trolls focus on differences, you see the importance of harmony, both in music and in real life! Bring that positive attitude to the forefront and count on your friends, and you’ll never be out of tune. Product DetailsIf your little girl loves to sing and dance, we know she’ll love this Trolls World Tour Deluxe Poppy Costume! The shiny blue sleeveless dress’s floaty skirt is so much fun to twirl through an upbeat musical number. The knee-length hem is printed with a design of blue flowers and yellow polka dots. The v-style collar has shiny blue detail just like Poppy’s favorite outfit. When she slips on the headdress with its bright pink faux fur hair, pointed pink ears, and blue flowered headband, she’ll be ready to lead the Trolls! You Rule!Just like Queen Poppy, your little singing sweetie has what it takes to be a fantastic ruler: Gumption, grit, and kindness! All she has to do is remember the pink-haired pop star’s wise words that nothing is more important than living in harmony! 

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