Robin Hood Hat & Tail Kit – Disney


Steal from the rich give to the poor! You can be an adorable thief for good with this Disney Robin Hood Hat & Tail Kit. You’ll quickly be the hit of the party!

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Sly GuyHave you ever noticed that Disney has illustrated quite a few foxy characters? There’s a sly con artist fox in Pinocchio, the sweet and playful Tod in Fox and the Hound, and the smart Nick Wilde in Zootopia. But the sleekest and the slyest fox of them all is Robin Hood, without a doubt! He’s the best when it comes to dressing up in costume. Come on, what fox can pull off showing up as a stork? He can get out of pretty much any scrape. And can we take a moment to recognize how sweet the relationship between Maid Marian and Robin Hood is? That’s the only place where he’s not that sly, he’s outright with his feelings. He gets caught up daydreaming about her and when the moment comes, he doesn’t hesitate before popping the question. Basically, this outlaw hero has been tugging on our heartstrings since the 70s! Ready to transform into the slyest fox around? This kit will create your Robin Hood look in a jiffy!Product DetailsThis kit will make you look right at home in the Sherwood Forest. The hat creates a sleek, conical look and has a felt feather attached to the side. Fuzzy ears peep out from the sides for a jaunty outlaw look. The red fluffy faux fur tail can be attached to belts and belt loops, depending on what you’re wearing with this look!

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