Makeup FX Creepy Bug Tattoo Transfers


These Makeup FX Creepy Bug Tattoo Transfers are a great way to scare off unwanted company, just have them on one side of your face and if you get too bored, you turn for a conversation ender.

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Crazy for Creepy Crawlies Most people would rather eat a raw egg Rocky-style than find a bug on their face or in their hair. Not you! You’re fascinated by the eight-legged, many-eyed, fanged critters and welcome them into you’re life. You scare us a little bit, but that’s ok! Make your unique tolerance for bugs a strength by creeping out your friends.  Product DetailsIf you’d like to have a terrifying getup for Halloween but are a little nervous about using live insects, we have just the thing for you! These Makeup FX Creepy Bug Transfer Tattoos look just like the real deal but with no itching or biting. Simply apply with water and wash them off when you’re finished grossing people out. It’s a Bug’s Life Batty for bugs? You’ll love these fun and hair-raising stickers! Use them for your next costume event and get ready to cause a stampede. 

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