Twisty Tails Snake


This Twisty Tails Snake Plush is the perfect shoulder companion, not only will having something furry on your arm keep you a little warmer but it also discourages complete strangers from randomly approaching you.

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Besssssst Friends ForeverAre you one of the few people who wouldn’t mind having a pet snake? Congratulations! Your wish has just come true. You can have the benefits of a cool best bud, without completely freaking out the people who still jump and scream if they see a suspiciously coiled rope. Product DetailsComplement a zookeeper or a jungle-themed costume with a Twisty Tails Snake Plush! The stuffed toy’s upper half is made of diamond-patterned green fabric and the lower half is made of striped tan fabric to simulate a snake’s scales and underbelly. The head is embroidered with eyes and a mouth, and sewn with a forked tongue made out of red felt. The toy conceals a wire that lets you coil and pose it as desired. Ssssserious Fun It’s unusual for a snake to be this chill around a human, so you must have a special touch. This snake works great as a costume accessory, but it also makes a fun toy year round because it doesn’t have to hibernate. 

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