Deluxe Dalmatian Kit


This deluxe Dalmatian accessory kit features a plush headband and tail. Complete this look with a white shirt and some black pants for the perfect costume on Halloween.

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Puppies really have the life, don’t they? They get to spend most of their day taking naps. When they wake up, they play and eat until they get tired and then they just get to nap some more. It’s pretty easy to see why anyone would be barking at the chance to become a puppy for a day. This costume kit happens to help you turn into one of the most adorable puppies of all time, the Dalmatian.This deluxe Dalmatian kit comes with three great accessories that transform you into one adorable little doggie! The headband has a pair of white plush puppy ears with black spots. The matching tail is made of the same spotted plush material can be fastened to your pants to give you a wagging good look. The final piece to the kit is the collar, which is bright red and comes with an attached yellow tag. Once you have the kit on, you’ll have a busy day full of sleepy time and puppy games ahead of you!

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