Girl’s Moonlight Shimmer Witch Costume


If you are looking for the most classic witch look, look no further than the Girl’s Moonlight Shimmer Witch Costume. It has everything a witch could ever want.

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Spellbinding Slumber PartyHave you ever been to a witch’s birthday party? Witch parties are pretty great. You can’t beat the weird atmosphere of fun! The punch bowl is bubbling with a strange green liquid. You might think it’s toad spawn or bog water but it actually tastes deliciously refreshing without being too sugary. Then there are those witchy games like broom races, pin the tail on the black cat, and maybe even an incantation battle! And when the moon rises, it still won’t be bedtime. The music gets turned up. It’s time to dance in the lawn, hands to the sky. Because little witches love to shimmer in the moonlight in a way that no one else can!Product DetailsThis witch costume is lush with sparkles and luxurious draping fabric. The dress has a lush looking panel down the front and a high collar for a dramatic silhouette. The dress is ankle length and has draping sleeves. The fabric is rich with sparkles all over the dress. It’s belted in the middle with black draping fabric and centered with a rectangular rhinestone buckle. It’s topped with a sparkly hat and trimmed in black with a rectangular buckle as well as a gorgeous, historic looking choker. Transfiguration TimeWant to transform completely? This witch costume will let your little one feel comfortable as a powerful, magical being. The magical witch look could be expanded with green makeup, a broom, or a wand. Whatever makes the magical vision in your kiddo’s head complete. While your child might not be able to fly to school on a broom or brew up a potion that’s and stronger than lemonade, she’ll still feel pretty marvelous in this look. With dramatic sleeves and a high collar, you’ll have a look that’ll provide timeless pictures for years to come!

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