Men’s Suave 80s Gangster Costume


Live your best gangster life with this Suave 80s Gangster Costume for Men. You will love looking your best in this eye-catching white suit and red shirt!

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Thug Is Such an Ugly WordWhat separates your run-of-the-mill goons from the real crime maestro? Style, of course? Just because your dealings usually land on the shady side of the law doesn’t mean that you don’t have standards. You’re definitely not interested in maintaining any anonymity, either. When you’re too powerful to touch, it’s not like you have to wear a ski mask all the time. You can afford to be a little flashy (ok, a lot flashy). It’s all about the image! Product DetailsLook criminally amazing in this exclusive Suave 80s Gangster Costume for Men! The stylish, 80s-inspired outfit includes a faux linen suit coat that has been printed with subtle pinstripes for that indefinable “I may be a bad guy but I’m still a businessman” vibe. Decorative button columns on each front panel, and a sewn-in pocket square that matches the crimson shirt front really pull the outfit together. The shirt panel also has decorative buttons sewn just beneath the deep V neckline. It lets everyone know that you’re a red flag, but a red flag with class! The matching faux linen pants are also printed with pinstripes and feature a false fly with an elastic back waistband. Two gold-tone metal chain necklaces let everyone know how well you’re doing in the mobster world. Add your favorite pair of shades and a big faux cigar to really sell the look! Boss BehaviorNo need to send your rivals horse head threats – everyone will know to treat you with respect when you wear this imposing yet humorous outfit. It’s perfect for Halloween, a themed party, and more! 

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