Adult Money Heist Jumpsuit and Mask Costume


You’ve been devising your master plan for years and now it’s time to execute! Make sure you’ve got the right gear for the job with the Money Heist Jumpsuit and Mask Costume for Adults

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Heist StakesThey say that money can’t buy happiness, but honestly it’s worth a try, right? The only thing is, where are you going to get your hands on a really big pile of cash so you can test whether your overall mood would be improved by a private jet and a trip to a tropical island? The bank is a good place to start, but unfortunately its owners don’t like to just give out free money. That’s lame, but there’s a workaround! Product DetailsStart your (fictional) life of crime with this hilarious Money Heist Jumpsuit and Mask Costume for Adults! The unisex red jumpsuit opens in the front and can be worn over lightweight street clothes in case you have to leave the disguise wadded in a dumpster somewhere (although we recommend saving it for next Halloween instead). False pockets on the chest and legs make it look like you could be carrying fake weapons. Secure the plastic mask with its handlebar mustache and pull the hood over your head. You’ll be practically unrecognizable! The Best-Laid PlansOk, here’s how it’s going to go. Two of us will tunnel into the underground vault using hand shovels (they’re not as noisy.) The others will distract the tellers by making balloon animals. If the balloon animals don’t work, they can resort to using water pistols. Meanwhile, the safe-crackers will work on getting all of the money out of the vault and strapping it all into hot air balloons for the dramatic getaway. Sounds foolproof, doesn’t it? 

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