Traveling Man Wig


This Traveling Man Wig will make you hard to spot in a crowd! Just pair it with a striped shirt and you’re ready to travel the world.

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Are you feeling a little down? Flat? Has your once animated lifestyle just gotten a little lost? One of the most overlooked problems for individuals of the drawn-together nature is the difficulties they have in maintaining that healthy and boisterous look that so many of their counterparts often demonstrate. Main characters, of course, are drawn with enough unique details and using high techniques that make it look like they are in the middle of physical action or at least standing against a heavy breeze. Even when in a single still, they look as though they live lives of excitement and adventure! But, when you’re a character that generally stands in the background, blending into crowds and scenery, it can be tough to stand out and make yourself known.Well, we have the answer for you. If you are drawn a little flat, all you need is something that demonstrates that you live life on the go! You can do so with this Traveling Man Wig. The synthetic hair is styled with a wavy look and four curling cowlicks that give you the look of wind gusting through your fine locks, reminding the world that even if you may stand still, practically invisible next to barber poles or Santa shops, that you’re an adventurer, constantly on the move, and that they’d better notice you now… or they might never find you!

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