Kids Tweedle Dee / Dum Costume


Become half of the zany pair when you wear this Kids Tweedle Dee / Dum Costume. This costume is bright and fun and you can see it coming from a mile a way!

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This Halloween you can transform your kiddo into one half of one of the most dynamic duos in all of literature. Grab this Kids Tweedle Dee / Dum Costume and your youngster can be whichever one of the Tweedle boys he wants! If you get your hands on two of these costumes for your child and a friend, you’ll surely be in for some hilarious entertainment.Bring a goofy piece of Wonderland into your home this year with this storybook inspired costume. Once your child tosses on this colorful jumpsuit and slips the white gloves on his hands, you can bet that the wacky antics are on the way. Make sure to grab a few more fun accessories to add to this awesome costume, made right here in our very own workshop. Grab one of our Tweedle Dee & Dum Beanies to top off the costume along with a makeup kit to give your little one extra rosy cheeks. Then once your kiddo finds his matching partner in crime the two of them will be ready to trick or treat all around the neighborhood. Just don’t be surprised if your Tweedle gets wrapped up in a crazy adventure with a wondering girl named Alice!If your child is normally pretty zany around the house, get him the perfect costume for him to let his true colors shine around the neighborhood this Halloween. Grab him this Kids Tweedle Dee / Dum Costume and let the shenanigans begin! Be sure to watch what you say, less you wish to end up the butt of a joke.

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