Plus Size Women’s Crimson Maiden Costume


You’ll feel like you just stepped out of the Renaissance in this exclusive Plus Size Women’s Crimson Maiden Costume! All the knights will be winning the race in your name!

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The Fairest MaidenThere was a lot left to be desired living back in the Middle Ages. Most people’s homes were just one big room with dirt floors and straw-stuffed mattresses for beds. The dinner menu didn’t include much besides bread, stew and porridge. There was always the threat of an invasion from an enemy country or another 100-year war. If you wanted to visit anyone farther than 10 miles away, it took two months to finally get there. You might be accused of being a witch if you baked a cake that was too delicious. And, worst of all, there was no indoor plumbing.But all the inconviences of Medieval life were worth it for the amazing balls! If you think today’s parties get wild, you haven’t seen anything yet. Medieval balls had fire jugglers and choir groups and trained bears and indoor sporting events, plus about 100 pounds of food. The best part, of course, was having the chance to dress up in a truly beautiful gown!Product DetailsYou will be the fairest maiden in the land in this exclusive Plus Size Women’s Crimson Maiden Costume. The beautiful red dress is made out of the finest 100 percent polyester, styled to look like crushed velvet and brocade fabrics and sewn by a dozen royal seamstresses. The one-piece dress is styled to look like multiple layers, including a shift, underskirt and overdress. The cream brocade front inset panel looks like an underskirt peeking up at the top of the dress, and the dark red overdress is trimmed with gold lace and braid. There are also long sleeves trimmed with gold lace, with cream fabric peeking out of the ends to resemble more underskirt.Ye Grand Olde TimeYou’re guaranteed to have a grand old time at your next Medieval ball (or just a good old costume party) with this crimson maiden costume!

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