Seaweed Boa Accessory


Mermaids consider this seaweed boa high fashion. All the famous ones wear them while hunting for a land-faring prince to be their new partners. So, it surely increase your luck at the next costume party!

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When we first heard about this Seaweed Boa we were kind of worried, because the only thing that scares people more than a big snake on land is a big snake lurking in the dark depths of the open ocean. Imagine our relief when we realized we were only dealing with a necklace for mermaids!While it may look like a simple lei with little strips of kelp where the flowers usually go, we’re told that this whatchamacalit is a must-have accessory for the discerning merperson. These things really bring out the subtle hues of green in your fins and scales! And what’s more, we’re offering a synthetic version that won’t make your house smell like a fishmonger’s.It should be way more popular than a necktie made from a sea serpent, which would have been a pretty tough sell. However, it would have given us an excuse to use the word thalassophobia in a sentence! Hey, wait a second…

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