Mermaid Shell Handbag


Accessorize your mermaid costume with the Mermaid Shell Handbag. This polyester handbag has a zipper pouch and a handle for easy carrying.

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Swell ShellsWe’re concerned. You see, we’re pretty practical here at and we had a terrible realization. Mermaids don’t have pants. Right, so that’s not so much the problem, per se, as the lack of pockets you see. How does a merperson expect to wander around a coral reef or the sunken city without pockets? There won’t be an easy way for them to carry all of their things! It’s an underwater travesty is what it is. It’s alright. We’ve been working on a solution. A cute, merperson-appropriate, solution. See, we had the thought that there’s no reason that merpeople couldn’t use clutches or purses. The problem, of course, would be that the clutches and purses seem like a land-lubber sort of thing. That’s why we’re proud to present our Mermaid Shell Handbag. This white polyester handbag has a rainbow sheen to it and is shaped like a seashell. It has a zipper pouch, so personal items won’t come floating out, and a handle for carrying (or dragging through the waves). Isn’t it absolutely perfect? What? Oh yes, of course. We would happily allow normal humans to use it as well to show their appreciation of good mermaid merchandise. 

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