The Mandalorian Star Wars Dog Toy Squeaky Plush


It is the way for your dog to chew this Star Wars the Mandalorian Dog Toy Squeaky Plush. I know it looks good so you don’t want him to decapitate it, but it is a squeaker toy.

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A Gift For The ManDogLorianDoes your doggo fancy itself a bounty hunter? Or do they just love Star Wars as much as their owner? This Star Wars The Mandalorian Dog Toy Squeaky Plush is something both human and pet will enjoy. This mini-Mando is soft and chewable and full of fiberfill. The squeaker is in his head, so your pup will stay busy trying to get him to remove his helmet. The cape is fun for tossing and grabbing, and all four of Mando’s limbs can be used for tug-of-war. Afternoons are for zoomies and playtime–this is the way.

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