Plus Size Sweet Santa Costume


This Plus Size Sweet Santa Costume for women is an exclusive design that will be perfect for your next Christmas party! Available in 1X, 2X and 3X.

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Make your the holiday season as jolly as possible so you can have a Christmas that you’ll never forget! Do you ever get a little bored of Christmas traditions? Sure, it’s a lot of fun to open up presents and devour yummy food, but are you looking to add some pizzazz to your tedious family traditions? Now you can say,” pass the cranberry sauce,” in true Christmas attire and breathe some life into the most joyous time of the year. All your mundane holiday problems can be fixed by simply dressing up like the famous bearded man from the North Pole! Imagine sitting down to open up presents looking like Kris Kringle himself. All your holiday photos will sparkle brighter than normal when you’re decked out in a bright red suit. Trust us, a Santa suit is exactly what you need to spice up the holiday season! This sweet Santa suit for plus sized ladies is everything you need in order to appear as a stylish Saint Nick. The velvet elastic waistband pants are soft and stretchy so you’ll be comfortable while you go about all your fun holiday activities, like passing out gifts and taking pictures with the little ones. The long sleeve jacket stays cinched together with a thick black belt, so you’ll have a flattering figure while you celebrate this special day of the year. Just put the matching pom-pom tipped hat on your head and zip up your matching boots and you’ll look ready to take an epic trip around the world. Or, you may just be ready to have the most memorable Christmas yet!

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