Child Conductor Hat


He can look just like the real deal in this exclusive Child Conductor Hat accessory. Finish your look to help Thomas the Tank Engine and friends. All Aboard!

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Choo-choo!That got your attention, didn’t it? You got excited because you know what choo-choo means: a train. Even if you’re not as fascinated by trains as we are, we have a feeling that you know a little one who is. A kid with train tracks littered all over their floor. Who yell and make you stop the car so they can watch the train go by. Who constantly bother house guests demanding to see their tickets.Well if your kid likes playing conductor, they might as well do it right. In this child’s Conductor Hat, they’ll feel like the real thing. This hat is rigid and round in a dark blue with gold trim. It’s even got a patent leather brim. Trust us, nothing screams train master like a proper conductor’s hat. It’s practically a necessity for train enthusiasts. Even little ones.

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