Kid’s Classic Storybook Lion Costume


Get on your wild side with the Kid’s Classic Storybook Lion Costume! Made by us, the quality materiel’s of the suit and mane will keep you comfortable and warm.

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One Cool CatWouldn’t life be easier if we could be lions? The King of the Beasts that we find in our favorite picture books seem to be the perfect mix of fierceness and fun. On the one hand, the great cat roams the African plains, searching for wildebeests to pounce upon and devour. After watching them gnaw on the leftover bones, no one would dare to suggest that they refrain from burping after their meal! Certainly, they never have to brush their teeth – complaining that a lion has buzzard breath seems like a bad idea. On the other hand, after they finish their busy day of hunting and playing, they’re ready for a big snuggle! Their soft fur makes them natural blankets. They’re nature’s top predators AND nature’s top cuddlers!Product Details Prepare your best growl! This exclusive Kid’s Classic Storybook Lion Costume will feel like a roaring good time whenever you wear it. The super-soft plushy jumpsuit is made of 100 percent polyester and zips up the back for easy dressing. A faux fur mane is attached to the front of the jumpsuit and also lines the matching headpiece. When the breeze runs through it, you’ll feel as though you’re loping through the Serengeti! A pair of clawed gloves and foot covers help you to establish who the top of the food chain really is, while the attached tail is tied with a sweet bow to show your softer side!We Ain’t Lyin’Cheetas, beware and jaguars jump back! This cat doesn’t share his position at the top of the heap. What he does do, though, is agree graciously to having books written about him. Maybe you can even get an autograph!

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