Star Wars: Mandalorian The Child Flip Down Beanie


Add some cute flare and fun to your baby yoda costume with the Mandalorian The Child Flip Down Beanie. Wear it up or down, this hat flips down to make the perfect mask addition to any costume.

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The Jetsetter’s HatThe Child has traveled across the galaxy. With his new pal, The Mandalorian, he’s been just about everywhere! From the sandy dunes of Tatooine, to the sprawling forest planet of Sorgan, and the seedy planet of Nevarro, The Child has visited some pretty dangerous locations. We can only imagine where his next adventure with The Mandalorian will take him. Jakku? Mustafar? What about somewhere a little chillier? Hoth, perhaps?Well, if you’re planning on an adventure in a cold destination, then it’s time to prepare for it with everyone’s favorite Force-sensitive critter, The Child! This Mandalorian Flip-Down Beanie will help you keep warm with the power of Baby Yoda!Product DetailsThis officially licensed Star Wars hat is a cute way to keep warm! The knit beanie is the light green color of The Child and it even features a pair of pointy ears attached to the sides. The flip-down front can be worn over your eyes and even has mesh fabric for vision. It stretches to fit, so one size should fit most! Just toss it on to keep the cool weather at bay, or wear it as a quick and easy way to dress up like your favorite character from the Star Wars series. 

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