Syringe Pen Halloween Decoration


The Syringe Pen is a unique item to pair with a doctor or nurse costume. It’s also great for decoration!

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Mixin’ Up the MedicineNurse Betty studied for years to get a prestigious post at her hospital and now she’s not backing down from her duties. You could ask her to put her syringe away when she’s outside of the public but we wouldn’t suggest it. She’s pretty into her health care duties. Take, for instance, the time she saw her partner burn himself on the stove. It didn’t take long before she had applied a cold press and a plaster cast and elevated his hand with a sling. It was confusing, a little over the top, and squarely in character. The thing is, a hypodermic needle can be a little nerve-wracking when you’re at a Halloween party. Need a solution to this problem? Giving her this syringe pen will let her feel at home while still feeling prepared. Product DetailsWriting down vitals or other important medical notes is only a click away when you have this pen on hand. The outer shell is a liquid red so it looks like you have some mysterious medicine on hand. The retractable pen writes in red ink, making your notes perfect for Halloween!Give It Your Best ShotIf you’re ready to dress up as a medical professional this Halloween, don’t forget to accessorize! Whether you want to throw on a stethoscope, or a nurse’s cap, this pen will be the final interactive piece that will bring your costume to a whole new level!

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